Don't Take Chances With Your Life Or Liberty

The stakes are never higher than when a client is facing a murder charge. If convicted of murder you could face life in prison or even the death penalty in South Carolina. You should not be without representation at any point in a murder case. Like any violent crime, a strong defense includes taking the time to thoroughly investigate every aspect of the evidence that may be used against you. Your attorney should be reaching out to independent investigators and experts who can make all the difference to a murder defense strategy.

The Cops Only Have Part Of The Story

Have you ever watched a suspenseful movie and been shocked at the ending when you finally see things in a completely different light? Altering perspectives is the essence of good criminal defense. Law enforcement has one version of events but often the version they present is just a small fraction of the story. Our job is to investigate all the information presented from the criminal complaint to the eyewitness accounts, from the video surveillance to the policies and procedures involved in the search and seizure. Every component of your defense needs comprehensive review and investigation. Using up-to-date tools and veteran investigators, we are able to present the strongest possible defense in each case.

Hire An Experienced Lawyer With A Strong Approach

We have taken on high-profile murder cases throughout South Carolina. Murder cases are complicated and require a skilled lawyer to defend them. Often we can assist clients to negotiate a fair settlement before a trial. However, we are never afraid to go to trial if that is what is required and in murder cases that is frequently necessary. Witnesses and experts must be thoroughly evaluated and questioned before and during the trial stage. This is why hiring a talented and experienced attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

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