We Defend Clients Against State And Federal Drug Offenses

Our office can take on state drug violations or defend against federal charges. Whether you are facing state or federal charges, the penalties of a drug conviction are steep. Our office is located in Columbia, but we can assist clients throughout South Carolina. We can evaluate possible defenses and evaluate plea offers for clients, always keeping clients informed. Hiring an attorney that is familiar with state court and federal court adds a huge value to your case. Lawyers that understand the different implications of a drug trafficking conviction or a possession conviction can help you weigh all of your options. We are prepared to aggressively pursue your case from start to finish and will keep you informed at every point along the way.

Intent And Amount Of Drugs Affect The Criminal Charges

Everyone who has been charged with a drug crime should take it seriously. However, some drug charges carry greater potential penalties and consequences than others. Some charges and convictions bring other collateral consequences. Evaluating potential consequences is crucial. We have represented clients in a number of different types of drug cases and understand the different implications. We accept a wide range of drug/controlled substance cases. Some of the most common offenses involve possession, manufacturing, intent to distribute, distribution or transportation of a controlled substance. Often the weight of the controlled substance or the intent of the charged with regard to the seized drugs will affect whether a state or federal charge is brought. We can even handle cases that are brought along with DUI/DWI charges and also involve some aspect of controlled substances.

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