Sex Crimes Require A Skilled Defense

The issue of criminal sexual conduct is a difficult one and the charges should always be taken seriously. If you have been charged with a sex crime, you should seek the advice of a lawyer immediately. Speaking with the police without speaking with an attorney first is never a good idea. A lawyer can help identify strengths and weaknesses of your case early on and take the steps necessary to protect your reputation and your liberty. A conviction of a sex crime could require that you register as a sex offender which has far-reaching consequences for employment, housing and any future charges.

Get An Attorney Who Will Be Aggressive In Your Defense

Whether you are facing allegations of sexual battery or allegations of a sex crime against a child, our office can take on the case. Often sex crimes are prosecuted based on the statements of witnesses or alleged victims. Effective witness questioning is imperative to a powerful defense. Experts are often brought to give testimony as well and should be thoroughly vetted or countered with your own experts and witness testimony. Sometimes the key to an effective defense is pointing out what hasn't been presented as evidence as much as challenging what has been presented.

Students Are Often Faced With Allegations Of Rape

Just like a DUI/DWI charge, students are often faced with allegations of criminal sexual conduct. Beyond criminal penalties such as prison or jail and legal costs, there are consequences in the future if you are convicted of a sex crime. A conviction may affect where you live or your ability to get a job and earn income. Because the university is located in Columbia, we have assisted a number of South Carolina students in defending criminal sexual conduct allegations.

You need a strong defense if you have been charged with criminal sexual conduct. Call 803-400-8657 right now or email us to set up a free initial consultation.