Regardless Of Your Charges, A.J.Z. Law Firm, LLC, Can Help

Located in Columbia, A.J.Z. Law Firm, LLC, helps clients defend their rights when they need it most. For over five years, Aimee Zmroczek has taken on cases involving serious criminal charges always working toward a just result. Her work has included dealing with high-profile defendants and cases throughout South Carolina. No case is too big or too complicated for Aimee to take on. Her focus is to bring a just result for all clients, especially those clients that are faced with serious criminal charges such as murder, criminal sexual conduct or federal drug trafficking charges.

When The Stakes Are High, You Need A Strong Defense

Recognized on the Super Lawyers Rising Star list in 2016, Aimee Zmroczek is an experienced and well-respected attorney known for her criminal defense expertise. Having a lawyer that judges and prosecutors know and respect is very important to criminal defendants. When Aimee walks into a courtroom, everyone knows she will provide her clients with vigorous defense.

A Compassionate Law Firm With Helpful Resources For Families

Not only is Aimee Zmroczek going to take care of clients in criminal matters, but she will also take on cases where family members need assistance with the criminal justice system. In the past, this has meant advocacy for earlier access to a lawyer for a loved one charged with a crime. Christina, the paralegal in the office, will take care of criminal defendants and the families of criminal defendants in the office and assist Aimee in responding to client concerns. Both approach each client with individualized care and compassion. For more information on Aimee's qualifications, see her attorney profile below:

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